A tour of ‘Nancy Bird’ the Very Large Air Tanker (VLAT), Bomber 912


Locating Rural Addresses

A standardised national rural addressing scheme has been in progress for some years.  Most locations now use it, so it is good to understand how it works. Some information here to help.

Rural Addressing


Also an information video courtesy of the SA Government is available below.

Work Capacity Tests for 2017/18 Season start August

As part of our ramp up before the season starts in October, each Operational Member is required to complete the Work Capacity Test (Fitness Test) to be eligible to retain their Operational status and attend incidents.  Please note that the minimum requirement to participate on a fire ground (even as a scribe in a Command vehicle) is to have completed the Moderate test.
We will be starting our brigade testing in late August so please prepare yourself accordingly as we want everyone to pass and no one to get injured.
Once we arrange dates and times for testing we will publish them.
If you have any questions in the lead up to the testing please feel free to drop me a line.